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Why Train with us? . . .

We're proud filmmakers and editors ourselves! As well as being industry professionals, we're also apple certified trainers and are extremely passionate about education and sharing industry best-practices with you.

  • LOCATION - we're only 1-minute walk from Old Street station
  • TRAINERS - industry standard trainers
  • KNOWLEDGE - we're clued up on the latest techniques, tips and updates
  • SERVICE - we only have small classes of 6 to cater for individual attention

What do I need? . . .

Basic Mac OS X knowledge is required for our courses, that's all. We provide Macbook Pro's on the day with the latest software installed, along with editing materials, so all we need is you!

How about groups? . . .

We absolutely cater for group bookings! We offer discounts on larger groups/organisations that wish more than 1 colleague along. We're pleased to offer a tailored course for company specific goals, enquire below.

Where and when? . . .

WHERE - We're based in Old Street, just 1-minute walk from Old Street station.
WHEN - Course days run 10am-5pm, please book or enquire below for training dates.

How do I book? . . .

You can simply 'add to cart' the course you would like below and we'll be in touch with our next course dates. If you still have questions please fill out the enquiry form below and we'll be in touch shortly!


Final Cut Pro X

FCP X - Introduction Course outline (1 day) . . .

On this 1 day course you'll learn the FCP X interface, import and organise your project media, edit and export. From start to finish with no previous editing knowledge required, we'll get you up and running.

  • Introduction – Introducing the Final Cut Pro X Interface.
  • Importing – Understanding transcoding, video analysis, project management and more.
  • Organising – Using keyword collections, smart collections, events, and metadata.
  • Editing – Understanding basic editing techniques, essential shortcuts and tips used by professionals.
  • Working with Audio – Adding music and Fine tuning audio.
  • Titles – Using preset titles and customising text.
  • Transitions and Effects – Overview of applying effects and transitions.
  • Exporting – Sharing your project and exporting the final film for your intended audience.

FCP X - Professional Course outline (3 day) . . .

On this 3 day course you'll begin with the FCP X interface all the way through to importing, professional oganisation and project management, advanced editing, applying titles, effects, transitions, multi-cam, grading, exporting as well as industry standard techniques and advice throughout the course for getting the most out of your projects.

  • Introduction - The practical uses of Final Cut Pro X & editing in the real world.
  • Workflow - Exploring the Interface, using menus and shortcuts to working with projects.
  • Importing Media - Importing media, creating keyword collections, smart collections and analysing clips.
  • Organising Clips in an Event - using metadata, marking clips, multiple keywords and ratings.
  • Building the Rough Cut - Creating a new project, connecting, inserting clips and appending clips into the magnetic timeline, working with markers, auditioning clips and storylines.
  • Fine-Tuning the Rough Cut - duplicating projects workflow adding gaps, trimming shortcuts.
  • Applying Transitions - applying transitions modifying parameters and audio transitions.
  • Working with Titles, Generators and Themes - using titles, lower-thirds, modifying titles, video generators and themes.
  • Working with Sound - monitoring and adjusting audio in the timeline, adding music and sound effects, adjusting levels, creating fades, recording a voiceover track, and correcting audio problems.
  • Retiming and Transforming - using speed effects transforming, cropping, trimming, distorting & Ken Burns.
  • Applying Effects - applying audio & video effects, modifying parameters, auditioning & animating effects.
  • Multicam - working with the powerful multicam to cut video in realtime using efficient shortcuts.
  • Animation - key-framing parameters and effects with flexibility to make non-destructive changes.
  • Compositing - layering video and text, using layer blending modes with textures, image, text and video.
  • Colour Correction and Grading - using colour balancing and understanding grading techniques.
  • Sharing Your Project - adjusting levels for broadcast, exporting your project to various platforms.
  • Workflow - expert workflow advice, using XMLs. managing your media for multiple editors, tips and industry techniques on how to get the most out of your edits.
Final Cut Pro X - 1 Day
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Final Cut Pro X - 3 Day
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