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 Compatible with Mac and Windows.


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#1. Setup - 👊🏼 Punch in yours and your crews/artists day rates and overheads in.


#2. Quote - 📈 Whack up those number sliders with how many days are involved.


#3. Send - 📬 Hey Presto! You have a quote with complete transparency.

 Compatible with Mac and Windows.

It's simple, automated and FREE.

Here are just some of the features that will save you time, headache and...money.

  • Automated

    Easy to use quote generator. You simply put in how many days you need each crew member or assets and that's it!

  • See your profits

    You can see your total incoming and outgoings in a simple glance, with an integrated pie chart it gives you a birds-eye view on your figures. 

  • Includes industry rates

    We've done the research so you don't have to. We've provided average rates for Junior, Mid-weight and Senior level artists.

  • Includes dark mode

    Bit of a night-owl? We've included a dark-mode version for you late-workers. Give your eyes a break and switch modes.

  • Used on over 100+ projects

    We've used this very same quote generator on over 100 projects and some of the biggest brands on the planet.

  • Mac & PC compatible

    PC, Mac, iOS or Android, we have you covered. Simply download to your device and it will open in the correct app.

Giving back, especially to the creative community has always been so important to me. Having been inspired by artists that gave so much to me over the years, their knowledge is the result of where I am today.  


I wanted to solve the daily challenges that freelancers face and create simple solutions. These tools are all focused around enhancing your creativity.


The best part? They're free and available now.

Nick Kyriakides, Founder

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