Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a powerful yet simple, revolutionary video editing tool. From putting together your story to adding professional titles, effects, transitions, multi-cam editing, grading and more. 

Final Cut Pro X - 1 Day
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On this 1 day course, you'll learn the FCP X interface, import and organise your project media, edit and export. From start to finish with no previous editing knowledge required, we'll get you up and running.


  • Introduction – Introducing the Final Cut Pro X Interface.
  • Importing – Understanding transcoding, video analysis, project management and more.
  • Organising – Using keyword collections, smart collections, events, and metadata.
  • Editing – Understanding basic editing techniques, essential shortcuts and tips used by professionals.
  • Working with Audio – Adding music and Fine tuning audio.
  • Titles – Using preset titles and customising text.
  • Transitions and Effects – Overview of applying effects and transitions.
  • Exporting – Sharing your project and exporting the final film for your intended audience.




On this 3 day course, you'll begin with the FCP X interface all the way through to importing, professional organisation and project management, advanced editing, applying titles, effects, transitions, multi-cam, grading, exporting as well as industry standard techniques and advice throughout the course for getting the most out of your projects.

  • Introduction - The practical uses of Final Cut Pro X & editing in the real world.
  • Workflow - Exploring the Interface, using menus and shortcuts to working with projects.
  • Importing Media - Importing media, creating keyword collections, smart collections and analysing clips.
  • Organising Clips in an Event - using metadata, marking clips, multiple keywords and ratings.
  • Building the Rough Cut - Creating a new project, connecting, inserting clips and appending clips into the magnetic timeline, working with markers, auditioning clips and storylines.
  • Fine-Tuning the Rough Cut - duplicating projects workflow adding gaps, trimming shortcuts.
  • Applying Transitions - applying transitions modifying parameters and audio transitions.
  • Working with Titles, Generators and Themes - using titles, lower-thirds, modifying titles, video generators and themes.
  • Working with Sound - monitoring and adjusting audio in the timeline, adding music and sound effects, adjusting levels, creating fades, recording a voiceover track, and correcting audio problems.
  • Retiming and Transforming - using speed effects transforming, cropping, trimming, distorting & Ken Burns.
  • Applying Effects - applying audio & video effects, modifying parameters, auditioning & animating effects.
  • Multicam - working with the powerful multicam to cut a video in real-time using efficient shortcuts.
  • Animation - key-framing parameters and effects with flexibility to make non-destructive changes.
  • Compositing - layering video and text, using layer blending modes with textures, image, text and video.
  • Colour Correction and Grading - using colour balancing and understanding grading techniques.
  • Sharing Your Project - adjusting levels for broadcast, exporting your project to various platforms.
  • Workflow - expert workflow advice, using XMLs. managing your media for multiple editors, tips and industry techniques on how to get the most out of your edits.
Final Cut Pro X - 3 Day
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