Social media campaigns created for world-leading brands and products.




Presenting Alphaskin: a new revolutionised base layer that helps athletes to raise their game and ditch distractions.  Featuring footballer Luis Suarez; basketball players Damian Lillard and Nneka Ogwumike; American football star Dak Prescott and Women’s ambassador Karlie Kloss showcasing Alphaskin kinetic wrapping in-game. As well as the #climachill campaign, featuring James Rodriugez and Angie Kerber Editing, motion graphics, grade by NK, produced by H+K Strategies. View the official Alphaskin campaign here, the ClimaChill campaign here and on instagram #Adidas. We also designed the official Twitter: @adidastennis and Instagram @adidastennis banner and profile picture for the Stella McCartney clothing range and collaborated on the social 1x1 crops stills.



Huawei Mobile

We have worked on the sole post production, for the official Huawei P10 mobile commercial launch, the P10 Pro KSP's, KOL's, P20 Pro and P20 Porsche phones, #Huawei #Huaweilife #Huaweimatebook Instagram campaigns shown below including commercials, cinemagraphs and case studies from over 30 productions.




We had the pleasure of collaborating with the editing and retouching the commercial for the renowned designer Amanda Wakeley Spring Collection 2018, inspired by travels to South America, produced by Spring Studios. Find out more on the official collection.  #amandawakeley




"There's no one story that can sum up YouTube - we're what users and creators make us." We worked on keying all of the YouTube stars against greenscreen for their campaign, #MadeForYou.

Canali_logo_logotype_emblem copy.png



Canali’s products emanate elegance and sophistication. NK had the pleasure of working on many of this italian menswear brand’s commercials and impactful social campaigns. Some of the commercials we edited include ‘The Gallery’, ‘The Tie’, ‘The Sweater’, and ‘The Shoe’, produced by Spring Studios.




A social campaign for #Avon for #Capitalofficial showcasing the new products staring Love Islands star Gabriel Steel. In this series of x3 social films, I edited, graded and created the motion graphics, accentuating the movements adding more energy to each moment. More on the Capital/Avon campaign here.




Having the pleasure to do the entire post production for this Dove campaign of Hair, Skin Cleansing and Deodorant products, involved offline and online editing, compositing and grading. #Dove




NK were delighted to work on the main campaign for Bulldog’s famous London Dry Gin official website. We animated and edited this distinctive campaign that showcases the personality and essence of this signature gin. See the campaign in action here:




We had the pleasure to online edit and grade the collaboration of Liberté & Spoon (featured on Dragons Den) campaign, More on #TheTasteLiberté 




The Spring collection 2018 commercial, produced by Spring Studios, edited by us to showcase the new collection. Find out more here #fiorella  




Woolworths, the South African clothing brand. A campaign we retouched comprising of skin, lips and hair work. More on their facebook page and website, Woolworths.

Kiko Milano


Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano's holiday product launch for Christmas features several social stories, produced by Spring Studios. We were part of a team of retouchers for this campaign.



Jack Daniels

We had the pleasure of creating grading loopable cinemagraphs for Jack Daniel's’ latest whiskey campaigns: ‘Gentleman Jack’, ‘Single Barrel Rye’ and ‘Tennessee Honey’, all featured on social media. Please note to view the content below, you may need to be over 18 and signed into your social media account. #Jackdaniels #JD #Gentlemanjack #SingleBarrel #JackHoney



Pepe Jeans

We had the honour of working on Pepe Jeans’ Official ‘Autumn-Winter 17’, ‘Walk This Way’ and ‘Get it On’ campaigns, all produced by Spring Studios. Motion graphics, online edit, retouch and compositing were some of the things we did for this well-established London brand. See more on the official Pepe Jeans website here.



Grants Whiskey

With Grant’s Whiskey, NK worked on different aspects of their behind-the-scenes videos and social campaigns. The following unique campaign is a result of grading and creating seamlessly loopable cinemagraphs, among others. Please note to view the content below, you may need to be over 18 and signed into your social media account. #grantswhiskey #whiskey #IOU

martsons pedigree



We worked on a campaign produced by Big Al’s Creative Emporium for Martsons, the renowned British Brewery. This exciting project involved offline and online unique work, grading and copy design. Check out the full live campaign edited by NK Films on Marstons’ here.




BBC's Ten Pieces had the goal to 'get creative with classical music, aimed to inspire 7-14 year olds'. NK had the pleasure to key and rotoscope several greenscreen shots from the short film interviews shown below. The films we worked on included: Sprite and A Bao A Qu from Anthology of Fantastic Zoology by Mason Bates, Mason Bates, Rodeo – Hoe-Down by Aaron Copland, Symphony No. 9 in E minor, 'From the New World’ – Largo by Antonín Dvořák and Carmina Burana – ‘O fortuna’ by Carl Orff. More on the official BBC page here.




This campaign involved creating over 28 assets of campaigns for a multi-screen Cannes Lions awards event in June 2018. We worked on the entire motion graphics for Whalar, on their prestigious campaigns for clients such as Tanqueray, La Mer, Dyson, River Island, Vitabiotics, Baileys, Schuh, Beko and more. 

Your Good Skin



A Boots collaboration brand, ‘YourGoodSkin’, an online series of videos we online edited about a new unique trial battling skin conditions. Produced by Beast Productions. More on the campaign and product on Boots.



Estée lauder

Working on several Estée Lauder commercials, campaigns and tutorials featuring #hilariabaldwin and #Violette offline editing, motion graphics and retouch, find more on #estéelauder




Working as an animator in a small team for ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals), creating several 2D animations demonstrating ICMM’s values and processes. For more, visit ICMM.



Van Gogh

A real privilege to have edited and animated the official ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh, Success’ film, which was proudly awarded the “Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement Immersive Touring Museum Exhibit 2017”. The film was created by Elbow Productions. Watch the official campaign here.



Another unforgettable series of videos NK were lucky to work on, were the one by this famous mobile provider. O2 business gave two entrepreneurs £500 and the chance to run their own sandwich business. The Sarnie Business, as these entrepreneurs’ brand was called, was also the name of a series of episodes NK were in charge of online editing. More information here



Rich Mix

It’s definitely one of our favourite London cinemas. On this occasion, we partnered with production company Elbow Productions and offline/online edited and graded this '10 years celebrating Rich Mix' commercial, screened at each preview at Rich Mix's cinema.

Tena_logo copy_alpha.png



Lights by Tena was a unique particle animation we created to showcase the product’s testimonials in an interesting, sharable way. Check out the official Tena campaign on their Facebook page here

Battle of Britain Memorial Trust


The Wing | Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

'The Wing' The Wing, a new visitor centre on the white cliffs above Folkestone, is run by The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust and aims to explain for future generations the significance of the air battles in the skies above Britain in the summer of 1940. We online edited 'The Wing' Trailer, production by Elbow Productions, more information here.




We created offline edits for the hilarious, Darren Farley's impressions; of international football coaches and players for the official Coral channel. Produced by Big Al's Emporium.


*Disclaimer: please note that WE do not claim the rights to the underlying footage, which was edited, Composited graded and/or retouched by NK FIlms. All material is available in the public domain.